Companies depend on our non-GMP biomanufacturing services to obtain high quality  material for their discovery, preclinical, or diagnostic applications.

Our manufacturing capacity is in high demand, with purified protein production performed at scales ranging from milligrams to tens of grams per batch. This capacity is an effective manufacturing platform for high quality proteins in numerous application fields:

  • Diagnostic enzymes
  • Processing enzymes
  • Environmental enzymes
  • Research reagents
  • Target proteins for high-throughput screening activities
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Cytokines
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Custom Made for Proof of Concept

Our team possesses an integrated expertise in protein production spanning fermentation, purification, and formulation of bulk or final product. Proteins can be custom engineered and produced for discovery and preclinical research activities.

Our staff has extensive experience in manufacturing proteins for the healthcare industry at this scale in both GMP and non-GMP environments. A strong emphasis is placed on quality with well documented processes that include verified batch records and a product characterization package .

Our management team has overseen the production of dozens of proteins for use in preclinical, toxicology and clinical studies as well as several diagnostic products.