Analytical and process development services
for vaccines and biologics


Big-pharma expertise
agile biotech approach


Comprehensive, transparent, audit-ready
Quality Management System


Production services for research,
pre-clinical or diagnostic applications


Our Services

Analytical Development

Companies choose to work with us because we are experts in developing complete analytical packages for novel and complex vaccine and biologic products.

Process Development

Companies trust us to accelerate their project from the bench to the clinic. We rapidly deliver robust and reliable production processes ready for manufacturing of your vaccine or biologic.

QC and Stability Testing

Companies rely on our Quality Control testing services for their clinical phase vaccines and biologics. cGMP studies are conducted following FDA and EMA guidelines.


Companies depend on our non-GMP biomanufacturing services to obtain high quality  material for their discovery, preclinical, or diagnostic applications.

Biodextris is a valued partner, delivering results on-time and meeting our quality standards through a transparent and collaborative approach. They provide important and reliable supplementary support for advancement of our ongoing clinical programs.

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Who is Biodextris?

Biodextris is comprised of experienced product development scientist located in Laval (Montreal), Quebec. The group has worked together since 2002, as part of ID Biomedical and later GSK-Vaccines. We have developed numerous products for all phases of clinical development for programs conducted in the US, Canada and Europe.

Our history leaves us with the know-how for high quality, robust, commercial product development combined with flexibility and the sense of urgency inherent in smaller organizations.

We look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

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